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Republic of Montenegro grants an experience

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When I learnt about the International School on IT and GRID technologies for young researchers, I submitted my report for a contest. The report was based on my graduation paper on computer technologies applied to the analysis of energy efficiency of power station performance. But it focused on new options enabled by GRID technologies and supercomputers. Finally, my report was selected.

About the school

That was the III International School on IT for students, postgraduates, and young researchers. It was held under the International Symposium of NEC’2015 (Nuclear Electronics & Computing) in Budva, the Republic of Montenegro. The Symposium gathered together researchers from all over the world: the USA, France, Switzerland (CERN) and other countries.  Thirty-seven Russian students from 14 institutions of higher education took part in the InternationalSchool. The School featured lectures, seminars, workshops as well as a research work contest where participants presented their reports on the results of their research activities. Presentation of my report on the cutting-edge IT applied in power engineering interested the audience. 

My impressions

I was impressed by the way other participants presented their reports. I also liked the way in which the round discussion table was arranged. I learnt interesting information about a “silicon valley” to be established outside Kazan.  

Final results

I was awarded an international certificate attested by Ian Bird, one of the CERN directors. The School made me think over new approaches to my work and encouraged me to deepen my knowledge of special branches of Physics and Power engineering. 

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