International Conference in France

On June 15th through 17th, the French city of Compiègne witnessed an International Conference in Research and Education in Mechatronics, or REM2016, which is held annually. Although it was a French and Japanese congress, it attracted participants from 11 countries. Platon Tulupov, a Master’s student of the NMSTU Department of Automated Electric Drive and Mechatronics, was the only representative of Russia at the forum.

Platon Tulupov has been engaged in research activities guided by the head of the electric drive and mechatronics department Aleksander Nikolaev. Their research is about electric arc furnaces.

– How did you happen to become a participant of the Conference?

– First, Aleksander and I submitted our article for consideration of the Conference organizing committee. Reviewers from three countries approved of it and accepted for publication. After that I received an invitation. This was my second time when I took part in the Conference. Last year it took place in Bochum, Germany. And this year the forum gathered in France.

– Who were the participants?

– Among the participants of the Conference, there were a lot of eminent researchers, but also young researchers and Master’s students.

– Was English the official language of the Conference?

- That’s right. Alongside with my major I also took up a course in Translation in Professional Area. My language competences were adequate enough for the Conference. However I do continue to work on improving my English.

– What were the highlights of your Conference speech?

– I presented a report which told about the research that was conducted at a number of metallurgical plants in Russia and that looked at the optimum balancing factors for the electric arc furnace process. The colleagues pointed out both the practical nature of our research and its importance in terms of theoretical advancements in mechatronics. The main purpose of our trip included testing the research results, expanding our scientific connections, and acquiring a new experience in maintaining a professional dialogue. I hope we were successful in all of the above.

– Which reports were most interesting for you?

– As far as I am concerned, the most interesting reports were about the industrial applications of various mechatronic systems.

– What are your plans for the future?

– I hope to successfully graduate from the Master’s degree course and continue to explore this problem as part of the postgraduate study.

Irina Portnova

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