Meeting a Belgian Photographer

In May our university witnessed a visit by the Belgian photographer, curator and multimedia editor of the Maagdenhuismuseum in Antwerp Franklin Van Hees. The English Language Department and the Department of World History of the Institute of History, Philology and Foreign Languages organized a meet-the-artist session.

An easy-going and open personality with a good sense of humour, Franklin captured the attention of the audience with his story about unknown Belgium and about Antwerp, where you just can’t fail as a photographer. He elaborated on photographer’s tricks, on what involves organizing exhibitions in today’s Europe, and on European art of photography. He gave an account on some big names from the world of photography and explained what he saw as the mission of a photographer. Many more topics were covered making it a truly useful and interesting conversation.

Those who couldn’t come to the session were fortunate to see Franklin Van Hees at another event organized by the English Language Department. Franklin was invited to join the jury of the 6th Regional English Song Contest that was held on May 17.

The master photographer has paid regular visits to Magnitogorsk since 2001. As a result Franklin published a series of photos about different aspects of life in an industrial city. In 2011 the Magnitogorsk art gallery displayed Franklin’s works. This visit was related to Franklin’s further plans and included his giving master-classes in photography and exhibition business. The visit happened to coincide with the festive events traditionally held in the city every May. And Franklin’s camera captured some of the exciting moments.

English Language Department, Department of World History

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