Indian Research Workshop

Last week, NMSTU saw a visit by professors Narasimhan Krishnaiyengar and Gururajan Mogadalai Pandurangan from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. As part of the cooperation agreement signed earlier between the two universities, the two professors came to NMSTU for a workshop in Current Trends in Modelling of Microstructural Evolution during Plastic Deformation.

In the three days – from 21st through 23rd September – they presented some lectures and met with the faculty, the research team and postgraduate students. The Indian professors introduced a number of advanced approaches to process simulation, which appeared to be completely novel for the audience. And now the NMSTU postgraduates are very enthusiastic about learning more of these approaches, which in itself can be regarded as a very significant result.

During their official meeting with rector Valeriy Kolokoltsev the Indian guests actively supported the collaboration ideas expressed and offered their suggestions. Both parties intend to collaborate in such areas as faculty and student exchange, joint research, joint publications, monographs and textbooks, tutelage of Master’s and doctoral theses, as well as joint online courses and other. The participants of the meeting all agreed that they should take action and try and make the suggested ideas a reality.

Apart from the official part, the visit also involved some informal activities, which had been carefully planned by the receiving party. The visitors were shown around the university facilities, including the science park and the nanosteel institute within the Educational and Research Centre, the museum of stone and the laboratories of the Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Processing Institute. The Indian guests were taken on a tour around the Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works and they toured around the major city sights. And the Friday night agenda included watching an ice-hockey match at the local arena.

The visit by the professors from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is a part of the Russian-Indian Association programme, which NMSTU joined last May.

Anna Kartavtseva, Dennitsa

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