Conference in Poland: It Was Worth Going

One of the major forums in metal forming – the XVI International Conference METAL FORMING 2016 – has recently taken place in Krakow.

Top experts in metal forming modelling from the world leading countries were among the participants. NMSTU was represented by three young researchers and Professor Aleksandr Pesin (D.Sc.) from the Department of Materials Processing. They presented five reports, which are to be published in SCOPUS indexed journals.

Aleksandr Pesin is sharing his impressions:

- Such gatherings are very important for researchers as they let them see where they are in the world of science. Researchers Konstantinov and Pustovoitov are among the NMSTU leading young researchers engaged in the modelling of metal forming processes. It is worth mentioning that the postgraduate student Konstantinov guided by professor Korchunov spent a whole semester at the Krakow university after he had been awarded a grant by the Russian President.

Today, the global science concerned with the description of metal forming processes is going through a period of drastic changes. New processes emerge, and almost every scientific paper, apart from theory, highlights a great deal of experimental data. It is of great importance that NMSTU has been a frequent participant in such forums. And some of our professors have become committee members at some of the conferences. Another successful outcome of such forums was that two foreigners – from Poland and Japan – joined the editorial board of the NMSTU scientific journal. The next major forum in metal forming, which is sometimes referred to as ‘The Olympics of Metal Forming’, is to take place in Cambridge (UK) in 2017.

The original venue of the conference was the Krakow Academy of Mining and Metallurgy, which is famous for the fact that Olgerd Zenkevich, one of the founders of the finite element method, used to work there. After Zenkevich moved to University of Birmingham in England, the conference was alternatively held in Krakow and Birmingham. And later on Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan) and the University of Palermo (Sicily, Italy) joined in.

The Department of Modelling of Metal Forming Processes, which occupies two massive buildings, is headed by Professor Pietrzyk, who is an editorial board member at Vestnik of NMSTU. 

The next conference in this series will be held at Toyohashi University of Technology in Japan hosted by professor Mori, another famous scientist, who gave lectures at NMSTU and is a current editorial board member at Vestnik of NMSTU. 

By Inessa Kim, DENNITSA

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