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As part of the Global Education programme, Daria Andreeva, a student of the English Language Department, went to study at the biggest higher educational institution of the US capital, the most prestigious and expensive George Washington University. Jacqueline  Kennedy’s and Colin Powell’s Alma Mater, today the George Washington University offers programmes for international students.

It does feel special to be a student there. Just think about that. The University is situated close to the White House, the US Department of State, the International Monetary Fund, FBI, the World Bank and many other major organisations of the country. Besides, only students of the George Washington University are privileged to have their matriculation and graduation ceremonies at the famous National Mall in the heart of Washington D.C. Undoubtedly, this is an extremely inspiring environment for Daria, and these new impressions will always stay with her.

Daria is a Master’s degree student studying the programme in Special Education for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities. The programme has quite a busy curriculum. Another important advantage offered by the University is the opportunities for practical training. For Daria it means working at school in the mornings and attending lectures in the evenings.

American students take it seriously as many intend to build careers. They tend to diligently attend all the classes and try hard to gain knowledge. The load is high. Teachers are strict and expect a lot from their students. It is worth mentioning Daria’s excellent command of English, which is yet another confirmation of the NMSTU English Language Department’s status as one of the best in English training.

All in all, to study abroad sounds like a good idea. International level, knowledgeable teachers, ambitious students, a useful experience of living inside the Western culture, networking, English practice… Is it worth participating in the Global Education programme? One would’t think twice to say Yes!

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