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So Different But Still Together

With Cholpon-Ata at Issyk-Kul Lake traditionally serving as a venue, the meeting was combined with a scientific conference.

Today, the Consortium comprises nineteen Russian and six Kyrgyz universities. The idea behind the Consortium belongs to Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI) and the rector of the Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University. NMSTU, alongside with Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and MPEI, has been an active member of the Consortium representing Russia.

Both the conference and the meeting formulated an ambitious plan for the future. In fact, the main purpose of the meeting was to coordinate further activities of the Consortium members. Meanwhile, three more universities – Ogarev Mordovia State University, Tyumen Industrial University and Ufa State Aviation Technical University – joined the Consortium. The Consortium approved its logo, as well as a number of joint educational programmes for Russian and Kyrgyz universities. The participants also agreed on the number of students who will participate in the joint educational programmes and considered the possibility of implementing some joint programmes as part of e-learning curriculum.

The main idea behind the Consortium is improving the quality of education, promoting collaboration in education and research, and facilitating the academic mobility of students and faculty. The Consortium has been working to realise the above agenda for five years now. NMSTU has had quite a few students from Kyrgyzstan, and some of them choose to continue by doing postgraduate studies and successfully qualify for a PhD degree. The next target is to implement a double diploma programme in cooperation with Kyrgyz Mining Institute.

At the moment, NMSTU is waiting to welcome teachers from the Razzakov Kyrgyz State Technical University who are coming for a practical training. The perspective plan is for NMSTU researchers to do training in Kyrgyzstan. We do hope that the practice of international collaboration will only gain momentum from now on.

Inessa Kim

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