Balkan Style Greetings

The rector of the Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University and the rector of the University of Kragujevac (Serbia) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at consolidating scientific, educational and cultural ties between the two institutions.

Earlier this summer our University signed a cooperation agreement with the Magnitogorsk Public Organization of Peoples’ Friendship MOST aimed at strengthening ties with the Serbian partners in education, science, culture, sports and social sphere.

This provided a framework for the first official visit of the University of Kragujevac delegation to NMSTU that took place on November 2nd at the University premises aimed at sealing the cooperation between the two universities.

 “There is a good reason why we chose each other. We share a lot of similarity – educational programmes, research areas. Even our cities have similar infrastructures. We are about to sign a cooperation agreement. And I strongly believe this won’t be just a formal piece of paper but rather a real working framework. I have no doubt we will find points of contact both in science, education and student exchange,” said the NMSTU rector Valery Kolokoltsev.

Nebojša Arsenijević, Rector of the University of Kragujevac, said he would also hope for a long-term relationship with NMSTU:

“We thank you so much for your hospitality. And I would be extremely happy to see you in our university. Welcome to the University of Kragujevac! Be our guests! I do hope that the agreement we are to sign today will stay for centuries.”

Both parties introduced their institutions by showing presentations and talked about the similarity between Magnitogorsk and Kragujevac. This was followed by an official ceremony of signing the cooperation agreement which covers the entire scope of possible interaction – from education and science to culture and sports.

As the final touch, the Magnitogorsk Public Organization of Peoples’ Friendship MOST announced an initiative for Magnitogorsk and Kragujevac to be recognized as twin cities.

Svetlana Artemova, NMSTU Office of Information Policy

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