NMSTU Among Best Universities of Russia

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University is ranked among the 67 best universities in the country.

On November 8th, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science posted a national university ranking. The ranking is based on the quality of education and was prepared by the Social Navigator project, a part of Russia Today International News Agency, supported by the Ministry. The ranking is a new initiative launched by Minister Olga Vasilyeva who was appointed to this post in August 2016. Over 100,000 applications were received totally from all over Russia. 

The total of 503 universities, which report to the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Agriculture and other Russian ministries, participated in the ranking. 67 of them qualified for the TOP ranking having been awarded 9 out of 10 points in major categories such as the availability of the information about the institution, terms of study, the competence of the teaching staff, students’ satisfaction.

Two universities from Chelyabinsk Region and four universities from the Urals Federal District were ranked among the TOP institutions, including Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University. The Magnitogorsk university was ranked high in the following category: The availability of updates on the status of requests submitted by the users (by phone, by email, via online services available on the university website). In this category NMSTU was ranked 8 among the 503 participants.

The authors of the ranking point out that it can rather be considered a listing of the best universities based on the independent survey than an actual ranking.

According to the Federal Law on Education, independent surveys in education must not lead to a situation when a university is at risk of being taken its licence away. However, survey results “are to be considered” by the educational regulators. Besides, such surveys may be used to create rankings.

“We are very happy our university is ranked so high. And this is through an independent survey. I must say this success is well deserved as NMSTU has been working on building its staff training system for years. And the aesthetical side of it has always been a priority here. Even in the Soviet times this institution would receive recognition under this criterion. It is also worth mentioning that NMSTU is not only a serious technical institution but it also has a developed system of humanities. We are trying to introduce or adopt only the best, at the same time we do remember to cherish the good tradition. All this combined has led to such a great success,” the NMSTU rector Valery Kolokoltsev said.

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