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Czech Delegation Pays a Visit to NMSTU

In fact, NMSTU has worked in cooperation with one of the youngest and most actively developing universities of the Czech Republic for almost five years. This resulted in joint research and the publication of joint learner guides. Six of the NMSTU staff members gave lectures at the Czech university as part of the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility programme, while NMSTU students took part in academic mobility programmes. Due to the fact that the EU has recently suspended their funding, the two universities talked about ways to reduce students’ costs related to accommodation and meals, as well as the opportunity to continue funding research projects using the system of grants.

Academic mobility programmes, exchange of publications, participation in conferences, etc. still remain priorities for both partners. Rector of the Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice Marek Vochozka pointed out that students who were conversant in Czech were welcome to take free Master’s courses at the Czech university.

The academic mobility programme will cover such areas as civil engineering, logistics, economics and business and materials. Applicants are required to be able to speak and understand English. The successful applicants should be ready to go to the Czech Republic for one semester in February 2018.

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