Postgraduate Student from NMSTU Awarded a PhD Degree in EU

Dmitry Chukin is the first postgraduate student at NMSTU who was awarded a PhD degree in the European Union.

As part of the Memorandum of Mutual Understanding signed between the Magnitogorsk university and the University of Padua from Italy, the two institutions also signed a co-tutelage agreement. Dmitry Chukin, who is a research fellow at NMSTU, signed up for the programme and did a part of his research abroad.

Dmitry ended up spending almost one year in Padua, Italy. After the first three months Dmitry found out he had been awarded the Russian President’s scholarship for study abroad, which allowed him to go back to Italy.

Dmitry defended his thesis in the presence of both his supervisors: Natalia Koptseva from Russia and Manuele Dabala from Italy. That’s why, apart from the candidate-of-sciences degree traditionally awarded in Russia, the student was also awarded a European PhD degree.

At this time, Dmitry and his Italian counterparts are working on a project in additive technology and are planning to set up a dedicated laboratory at the University of Padua.

On a side note, two NMSTU students are to spend the next semester studying at the University of Padua, which opportunity is enabled by the Erasmus+ student and staff mobility programme.

Author of the original article: Svetlana Artemova,
Information Policy Office of NMSTU

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