Music of Metal

On 28th March, NMSTU and the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory signed a cooperation agreement. From now on the two leading establishments – the engineering university and the music school – will be building future together by realizing joint initiatives in science & research, arts, student recreation and social sphere.

The historic meeting took place at the Conservatory. In their public addresses the leaders of both universities, with apparent pleasure, told about the achievements and the remarkable histories of their institutions while touching on the future plans and the most cherished traditions.

“Magnitka has always been a fusion of music and metal,” NMSTU rector Mikhail Chukin expressed the commonly shared view. “All new things have a cross-disciplinary origin. And I believe our partnership will generate new, original ideas.”

It should be noted that the history of the Magnitogorsk Conservatory dates back over 80 years, and NMSTU is to celebrate its 85th anniversary next year. Both universities are remarkable for their long histories and established educational practices, as well as for their powerful scientific schools. What drew the two so different institutions towards each other is the strive to make the lives of the people of Magnitogorsk, the local academic community and students better and brighter. We are looking forward to hearing about the new partners’ joint projects very soon.  

Author of the original article: Inna Kim


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