New Project with Danieli

From 23rd to 25th April, NMSTU saw an official visit by Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. The Italian company was represented by head of research centre Gianfranco Marconi and leader of the research team on metallurgy Nicola Sartori. The main purpose of the visit was to discuss collaboration prospects in research and education.

On the first day of the visit, during a meeting at the conference room NMSTU’s vice-rector for international affairs Aleksey Korchunov gave a PowerPoint presentation telling the guests about the University and its achievements, the international partners and prospective international projects.

After that, NMSTU’s vice-rector for research and innovation Oleg Tulupov announced a joint project to be implemented by the Russian and Italian parties at the NMSTU’s R&D centre. Mr. Tulupov showed a PowerPoint presentation on InnovActive while telling about the plan to create at NMSTU a joint engineer training centre specializing on metallurgy.

The following discussion touched on the mathematical models for smart plants, endless rolling technology for flat and long products, and scrap management for higher energy efficiency and better quality.

After the meeting the visitors were to meet with the rector and make a tour of the University and its research facilities. The following day saw negotiations during which concrete stages and certain aspects of the project were discussed. The Italian colleagues also had a chance to visit the student recreation centre at the Bannoye Lake, where the University has its conference facilities, which could be utilized for future joint activities.

This visit became the starting point of the first stage of the project. What is to follow is a thorough design work, an approval process and a step-by-step implementation.

Author of the original article: Anna Kartavtseva,

Editor-in-chief, Dennitsa

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