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Solid Russo-Italian Friendship

On June 4th, professors Luigi BREGANT and Stefano PASTORE from the University of Trieste in Italy paid a return visit to the Magnitogorsk University.

In 2016, the two universities signed a cooperation agreement covering such forms of collaboration as lecturing, student and faculty exchanges, joint research projects, academic programmes, study abroad programmes for students, while also enabling a free access to each other’s facilities.

Since then, NMSTU representatives have visited the University of Trieste twice for establishing contacts, lecturing and identifying the areas of common interest.

During their visit to NMSTU, the delegation from the Italian university met with the NMSTU leadership, toured the University’s laboratories and R&D centres and gave public lectures. The two parties discussed such prospective forms of collaboration as internships for students with the industrial partners of the University of Trieste, signing contracts under the Erasmus+ programme, participation in the university consortiums under the Capacity Building initiative.

The Italian professors evinced a particular interest in NMSTU’s practice of giving flexible courses taught in English, which had been successfully conducted for French and Turkish students before. The NMSTU leadership said they would be happy to also have such courses designed for Italian students.

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