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Distance Education in Portugal

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University saw a visit of a Portuguese delegation. Professors from the University Aberta in Lisbon, Portugal met with the NMSTU leadership and discussed potential cooperation. They also met with the students.

University Aberta specializes in distance education. It means that students can study at the Portuguese university using electronic educational resources. The Portuguese professors presented two programmes, which are offered for cooperative implementation with NMSTU. The first one is a two-year Master’s course in Web Technologies and Systems designed for graduates in IT, web design and related areas. During the study period, the students of the course will have a chance to take an internship with such international giants as Microsoft. ABM, Google, HP and others. Engaging in joint projects with them will form the basis for the students’ Master’s papers. Those who will complete the course will be able to work for software developers. The language of instruction at University Aberta is English.

The second programme is designed for postgraduate students and focuses on digital arts. The programme includes preparation of a PhD thesis. The participants will have a chance to take part in a research and art workshop in Portugal. 

The Portuguese professors highlighted that both were virtual learning programmes meaning that the students wouldn’t be required to be physically present in Portugal. Instead, they will rely on online resources, instant messaging apps and social media to get in touch with their professors. A graduate with a Portuguese diploma will have an opportunity to find an international job.

At this time, the proposed programmes are going through an approval procedure.

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