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NMSTU students defended their papers in Chinese

July 2nd marked the first time in the history of NMSTU when the students of the Institute of Mining and Transport defended their Bachelor’s papers in Chinese as part of the Russian-Chinese educational programme “Two Bachelor’s degree diplomas in Logistics Management”. Launched by NMSTU in 2014, this is the only educational programme of its kind implemented in the Urals regions.

Four years ago, six NMSTU students from the Department of Logistics and Transport Control became pioneers of this programme, which was completely new for both the university and the region. The participants spent two years studying at the Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information Technology in China. The institute is situated in Software Park, a specialized zone of computer technology, which helps integrate the advancements of the IT industry with the teaching process. Our students acquired valuable professional competences and skills, but also they mastered the Chinese language having qualified for Level 5 (there are a total of 6 levels in Chinese).

Under the programme, the students spent their first year at NMSTU, where they learned basic Chinese, and this enabled them to continue their study in China. Then they spent two years in Dalian, and for the fourth year they returned to NMSTU. On the day of the defense the students set up an online session with the examination board of the Neusoft Institute’s Department of Logistics and presented their papers. Apart from presentations, they were supposed to answer questions from the examination board, and all this in Chinese! The students coped with the task most brilliantly, especially considering they also had to defend their papers in Russian earlier that day.

Next year, new students will defend their papers in Chinese as the next group of students have just returned from China after their 3rd year. And there is another group of students who are currently studying in China. Meanwhile, the NMSTU Admissions are busy trying to keep up with a pile of applications for the Logistics Management course.

Svetlana Konstantinova,

Information Policy Office at NMSTU

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