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From Paris with … New Competences!

Students of the Institute of Further Training and Human Resources Engineering Gorizont have returned from their training in Paris inspired with new ideas on business development.

They have been doing their EMBA course in General Management provided by ISC Paris Business School in Magnitogorsk since September 2018.

Finally, in July 2019 the participants travelled to Paris for a training session that encompassed both lectures and workshops at ISC Paris, as well as visits to French businesses. The course covered the following topics: data mining and business intelligence,  digitalization of data, information systems, luxury and premium market outlook, strategic management, cyber security, innovative leadership strategies. The lectures were presented by ISC Paris trainers, who combine their teaching careers with successful business leadership roles.

A professional translator from French into Russian supported our students through the course. At the same time, many of the participants didn’t hesitate to ask questions in English, and thus they had an excellent opportunity to practice their speaking and comprehension skills.

Surely, the students found time to do some sightseeing. They visited Eifel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre, Latin Quarter, Montmartre, Luxembourg Gardens, Sorbonne University, Musee de Cluny, Rodin Museum. They took a boat trip on the Seine, visited the Champs Elysee, had dinner at Le Procope, a Paris restaurant frequented by Voltaire, where the revolutionaries Danton and Robespierre would deliver their ardent speeches.

This course gave the participants an opportunity to raise their professional competence and build business relations with their French counterparts, which will benefit their businesses at home.

Now the participants are supposed to write and defend their final papers, and, if successful, they will be awarded international EMBA diplomas.

Meanwhile, the Gorizont Institute announced admission of new students who will follow a new curriculum. And Paris is waiting…!

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