Researchers from NMSTU Start Up a Steel Mill in UAE

The two years of joint effort between NMSTU and United Steel Industries FZCin El Fujairah, UAE, yielded the first result – a steel mill was put into operation following a long period of downtime. The participants of the start-up procedure included experts from RnD MGTU, researchers from NMSTU and employees of the plant.

Extensive work was accomplished to make the start-up possible. In fact, the plant was waiting to go up for ten years. Resuming operations required multiple equipment inspections and an overall plant audit. The management also considered expanding the product assortment. Finally, in the summer of 2019 the steel mill was put into operation.

The plant management came to us not only to have our support in starting the rebar and wire rod line but also to help them implement new production regimes and expand their portfolio of high value-added products. We also committed ourselves to supplying highly qualified personnel. We offer established programmes involving both theoretical classes and practical training at the production site of our strategic partner MMK. We will be able to supply both engineering staff and working personnel,” commented vice rector for science and innovations Oleg Tulupov.

The plan now is to streamline the production of every product in the product portfolio, expand the latter and establish a metalware production line at USI, which will involve advanced processing of a part of the existing product range and a considerable increase in the margin.

On September 3rd, the lead specialist of NMSTU’s International Affairs Office Igor Kulkov met with the business community from the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE, including head of the Emirate’s Chamber of Trade and Industry. The meeting took place in Moscow, and it was presided by the member of the General Assembly and business ambassador of Business Russia Maksim Zagornov. The meeting gathered more than 30 business people from Russia and the Emirates.

Currently, the cooperation between Russia and UAE have great prospects. According to the Russian Export Center, the United Arab Emirates are in the top ten of the most attractive countries for non-resource-based export from Russia. The representative of the Emirate’s Chamber of Trade and Industry expressed his hope for strengthened business relations between the two countries commenting that the last 3 years were marked with a growth in trade and tourism.

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