NMSTU received a top award in the small-scale and alternative energy generation fields

All-Russian Public Organization Business Russia (Moscow) held a solemn ceremony awarding the 7th International Prize “Small-scale energy generation – great achievement”. This prestigious award for the best project in the field of distributed and alternative energy generation Gold Lightning was established by the Russian Association of Small-Scale Energy Generation supported by Business Russia, the Russian State Duma Committee on Energy and the Russian Ministry of Energy.

According to the appraisal given by the Board of Experts, consisting of leading specialists in small-scale distributed energy generation, market leaders, rectors of industry-specific universities, and distinguished scientists, the nomination “Innovative development in the power industry” was won by the team of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University and LLC MGTU-Energosberezhenie+. The Magnitogorsk researchers made a presentation about the innovative technology of manufacturing energy-saving asynchronous motors with individual reactive power compensation.

“Now our development is used to revamp the existing asynchronous motors requiring capital repair. Conventional asynchronous motors have a rather low power coefficient indirectly showing how much reactive power is consumed from the grid.  It is known that reactive power is not transformed into useful output. We developed a motor which does not consume reactive power; its power coefficient is one. Thus, all energy consumed from the grid, considering the efficiency factor, is transformed into useful energy. Such motor consumes 25-40% less current. Therefore, all the electric power supply system has lower electric power losses”, explained Rif G. Mugalimov, Director of LLC MGTU-Energosberezhenie+.

By the way, in Russia there are over 200 million electric motors. On average, annually Russian electric power generation plants produce 1.1 trillion kW·h electric power, with 80% consumed by asynchronous motors. Thanks to reactive power compensation achieved by the NMSTU scientists, the average efficiency factor of electrical complexes increases from 3% to 4.5%. Thus, if these innovative motors were introduced everywhere, about 260 million kW·h electric power would be saved. The experts confirm high energy efficiency of the innovation developed by the specialists of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University and LLC MGTU-Energosberezhenie+.

In general, this innovation solution meets the interests of industrial plants in this country, as since 2017 the law prohibits the operation of low-efficiency motors (IE1). Innovative asynchronous motors by the Magnitogorsk researchers correspond to a high energy efficiency class (IE3, Premium).

The presented advanced technology has been already applied at plants of the Southern Ural region.

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