Graduates again! Managers of Magnitogorsk were awarded diplomas of ISC Paris Business School

NMSTU held a grand commencement ceremony of awarding diplomas to the first graduates of the international postgraduate program for business administration specialists “EMBA General Management”, organized by Horizon Institute of Continuing Professional Education and Personnel Engineering, the NMSTU Institute of Economics and Management, and ISC Paris Business School included in top 100 commercial institutes of Europe.

This is the first ambitious program, whose students were acting businessmen and directors of companies in Magnitogorsk and the Chelyabinsk Region, including MC Faeton, PJSC MMK, LLC Compass Plus, LLC Ural Oil Terminal, LLC Magkholod, LLC RSU, NMSTU, etc. As part of a one-and-a-half-year practice-focused course of study taught by leading professors of Russia and France in the area of management, the students also took an internship in Paris and, upon completion, implemented their projects defended in autumn of 2019 at NMSTU.

“Our university is lucky, because many of our employees participated in this program; their projects are now under active implementation at our university. I see how far they are important and efficient. Received elite education is very important. It is important for business, the region, and the university. Our students are highly qualified employees. I would like to congratulate our students once again and say that above all you got new knowledge, new contacts, and new areas of responsibility. This is an extremely important result. I am sure that we will continue this project,” said in his opening speech Mikhail Chukin, Rector of NMSTU.

Graduates in the traditional academic dress received their international diplomas of ISC Paris in the presence of the NMSTU management, Ilya Rassokha, Deputy Head of the City for Social Issues, Philippe Verbert, Counselor of the French Government for International Trade, Charles Berger, Director of MBA program at ISC Paris, Natalia Lanceraux, Project Manager of Business Bridge, the international company, and Oksana Maslennikova, President of the Interregional Transportation and Logistic Association (Voronezh).

“Your graduation is a key point for Magnitogorsk as well. Now there is a deficit of professionals and I am sure that your gained experience will help you to become more professional in your job and make a new career step. The most important issue is that this program is implemented in our home university. Now anyone can receive such education in Magnitogorsk without stopping production, management of business or an organization. We hope that your experience will be useful for Magnitogorsk and your companies will move forward applying the international experience received in your study,” said to the graduates Ilya Rassokha, Deputy Head of the City.

Philippe Verbert, Counselor of the French Government for International Trade, President of the International Committee of MEDEF Champagne-Ardenne shared how they came to such a complicated idea of organizing study in Russia:

“France has considerable history of development of higher professional education. A high quality of our educational services is acknowledged all over the world. However, access to professional education is not always easy. When we began to think how we could develop our activities in Russia, the first idea was to invite Russian specialists to study in Paris. We faced some difficulties: to take away a working manager, who, perhaps, takes a high position in a company, from his/her job for half a year is almost impossible; secondly, it is not a secret that living in Paris for half a year is rather expensive; thirdly, the language of teaching: in Russia not everybody speaks English or French. To sum it up, we drew a conclusion that we had to take other steps: we had to come to you and render joint educational services in Russian at your place. The proposed model turned out to be efficient.”

The participants of this Russian and French study program shared their impressions about such unique experience. Yan Tokarev, Director of Faeton, thanked all the parties for such rare opportunity and added:

“As I am an acting businessman and entrepreneur, I took more than it was given during my study. Firstly, contacts, starting from the contacts with the coursemates and finishing with entrepreneurs in France. Now I can contact the French teachers, and they render services to my company. Secondly, fundamental knowledge of the uncommon teaching staff, both from the Russian part and the French one. Thirdly, the most important point is European experience. This is unbelievable culture of production: when they are involved in something, they show maximum love to their job. And we learnt it from them. I saw that we had colossal resources of both human potential and resources. We have all opportunities to be the best in the world”.

As part of this event, everybody saw a presentation on a new program of Master of Science “International Business Management” with ISC Paris Business School. The organizers informed that this program was improved, as when developing it, they considered all subtle aspects of implementation of the first program. The business administration program is addressed to a broad range of people interested in receiving an international diploma for successful development of business and their career growth. The program also includes an internship in France.

The number of students is limited. To apply for the program, please call: +7 3519 26 52 63.

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