Material scientists from all over the world have met at the high-level online conference Magnitogorsk Materials Week

The 5th Magnitogorsk Materials Week was held in memory of professor Alexander Zhilyaev. From the 5th of April till the 7th of April, well-known material scientists will pay tribute to the outstanding scholar and present their reports at the conference.

Alexander Zhilyaev, a leading scientist in engineering of nanostructured materials, Head of the Laboratory “Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials”, Chief Researcher of the Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, passed away in 2020 due to a long-term illness. Being an eminent scholar and a wise teacher, he made a fundamental contribution to the development of Russian and global science by devoting his life to studying the structure and properties of materials.

Within three years Alexander Zhilyaev directed the research laboratory “Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials” at Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, containing advanced knowledge-intensive process technologies and pilot experimental equipment to create new ultrafine-grained nanomaterials. Now, the laboratory bears the name of professor Zhilyaev, and its head is Georgy Raab, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Chief Researcher.

“The idea of conducting the Magnitogorsk Materials Week at NMSTU was given by professor Zhilyaev. He was a scholar of great importance and a man of good intent. We became great friends for the time of our work. This year we decided to hold the conference Magnitogorsk Materials Week in his memory and in a new format. The number of the participants is representative: over 50 researchers, many of them are world-known, from 15 countries joined this event”, told professor Alexander Pesin, Doctor of Sciences (Engineering), Chief Researcher, Deputy Head of the research laboratory “Zhilyaev Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials”.

For three days of the conference program well-known material scientists from the USA, Brazil, Israel, India, Italy, Spain, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Japan, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Belarus and Russia will join together at plenary lectures and present their reports on such subjects as severe plastic deformation, materials processing methods, ultrafine-grained nanomaterials.

In addition to sharing research knowledge and experience, the reports of the conference participants will be published in Materials Letters, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal devoted to advanced reports that represent a wide interest for the public (the journal is included in Scopus (Q1) and Web of Science (Q2)).

It should be mentioned that the conference is held as part of scientific events supported by the grant of the Government of the Russian Federation. In 2017, the research team directed by professor Alexander Pesin and leading scientist Alexander Zhilyaev won a megagrant amounting to RUB 90 m to carry out research within three years (2018-2020) pursuant to Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 220. In 2021, the project of the megagrant was prolonged for two years.

As part of the project, the university established the laboratory “Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials”, containing the latest equipment and an asymmetric cold rolling mill, being unique in Europe. This mill will be used to manufacture narrow strips of higher strength and plasticity to be applied in the aviation, automotive and other sectors of the industry.

“The university has an integrated technological complex, starting from steelmaking and continuous casting and finishing with stamping and machine building. This helps us to carry out in-depth research. Now, we continue implementing the project devoted to development of knowledge-intensive process technologies and pilot experimental equipment to create new gradient, bimodal and heterogeneous metal nanomaterials of higher strength and plasticity”, explained Alexander Pesin.

NMSTU is currently included into a list of global leaders in asymmetric rolling. We invite everybody to join a large-scale research event of sharing experience and scientific ideas in the materials science at Magnitogorsk Materials Week in Memory of Professor Alexander Zhilyaev.

The conference will end on the 7th of April. Please follow the link to find out the details on the Zoom meetings, or our backup YouTube streaming:

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