In the Age of Economy Digitalization

On the 4th of September, organizers of a top level master’s program on field of study 38.04.01 Economics (Accounting Systems and Business Analytics) traditionally met with first-year students.

This program is designed for specialists in economy (economists, accountants, medium- and top-level managers, etc.) and everybody who wants to gain additional knowledge of economics.

The meeting was opened by Professor Terentiev D.V., DSc (Eng.), Director of the Institute of Top Level Programs and Open Education.

Then Associate Professor Zambrzhitskaya E.S., PhD (Econ.), Head of the Program, introduced a team of teachers and presented core research areas.

Master’s students also listened to Malov I.V., a representative of an official partner of the program, 1C company, Director of 1C-Franchisee, LLC Top Line, who focused on digitalization of Russian economy and transformation of the operation of specialists in economy under current conditions.

The organizers believe that a successful completion of the educational program on Accounting Systems and Business Analytics will provide masters of economics with opportunities to apply gained knowledge and skills in managing accounting systems in configurations of various automation systems and interactive business analytics. This is a clear competitive advantage in the labor market in the age of digitalization of economy and all areas of human activities.

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