The first medal at an adult level

Maxim Kaburkin, NMSTU student, and Valeriya Kotsyur won mixed doubles gold at the International Table Tennis Tournament.

The 19th of September was a final day of 2021 ITTF Kazakhstan International Open. 44 men and 31 women won awards in singles and doubles. Maxim Kaburkin, NMSTU student, took part in this prestigious competition and won mixed doubles gold together with Valeriya Kotsyur.

Maxim shared that mixed doubles was more complicated than singles, because it was critical to understand and feel the partner, and be in tune with the partner. That is the way how to achieve an ideal mutual understanding.

“To find an ideal mutual understanding in doubles, you should help your partner, listen to her hints and, of course, never give up”, believes Maxim Kaburkin.

Kaburkin – Kotsyur competed with table tennis athletes from Kazakhstan in four out of five matches of the tournament. The first playoff game turned out to be a fierce contest with Lavrova – Gerasimenko. Our table tennis players were at a disadvantage during the match (0:2), but they did not give up and showed amazing comeback (3:2).

“The most difficult match was with Gerasimenko – Lavrova”, notes Maxim. “Kirill was a top player of this tournament. We were losing 0:2, but managed to turn the match around and win. Then it became much easier.”

The dramatic match in 1/16 final was an inspiration for Maxim and Valeriya. They did not lose a match in three games with competitors. A quarter-final, the semi-final and the final, where they played with a pair from Uzbekistan, ended in convincing victories of athletes from Russia – 3:0. They came, saw, and won – nothing more to say. Well-earned gold medals, honor and respect have been given to Kaburkin and Kotsyur.

“I have positive impressions about the tournament. I was extremely happy about the victory and celebrated success for a long time. This is my first medal at the adult international tournament,” shared Maxim.

Maxim Kaburkin will take part in one more international tournament to be held in Serbia. He would like to move beyond and build up a personal collection of medals at the next competitions.

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