Oksana Logunova


Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University

Computer Engineering and Programming Department

38, Lenin street, Magnitogorsk, 455000, ChelyabinskRegion, Russia


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  • 1984-1989 Magnitogorsk State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
  • 2000 Awarded an academic degree of the Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD)
  • 2002 Awarded an academic rank of the Associate Professor
  • 2009 Awarded an academic degree of the Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Study of relationship between quality rating of a continuous cast billet and process variables of continuous casting of steel at OJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

Further development of this field made it necessary to extend the informational support of the continuous casting technology proved the importance of automatic process control system development in the field of continuous casting of billets.

Development of a mathematical and informational support for ergatic modules of a control system in the sections of secondary cooling of continuous cast billets.


  • Development of the basics of a practical application of the pattern recognition theory and computer vision in automatic process control systems in metallurgy
  • Improvement of mathematical modeling methods for metallurgical processes
  • Comprehensive research of data flows in control systems of metallurgical processes


Course Titles:

  • Theory and practice of information processing
  • Experimental data processing on a computer
  • Computer vision basics
  • Management in social and economic systems
  • Research automation

PhD students:

Three PhD students defended their theses for an academic degree of the Candidate of Engineering Sciences (PhD)


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