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Pedagogics and Psychology of University Teaching

The discipline is read for first-year students of a master course (1st semester). The total working intensiveness amounts to 180 academic hours including class work (20 lecture hours, 20 seminar hours) - 40 hours, self-instruction work – 104 hours, revision before an exam – (36 hours).  ECTS equals 5. While mastering the given discipline students are to take an exam.

The main goal of the discipline is to provide students with profound knowledge of Pedagogics and Psychology. The knowledge acquired in mastering this course will prove essential while completing working practice.

In this course students are to learn the basic principles of Pedagogics and Methods of teaching at higher education establishments, especially the methods used to teach disciplines essential for qualification. Having completed this course students will be able to organize the training process of staff in disciplines essential for qualification and acquiring a profession. What is more students are to learn to choose adequate methods and means necessary to teach essential disciplines. The course provides them with skills of scientific and experimental work in the field of Pedagogics and the skills necessary to teach professional disciplines.

The most important issues students are to cover while studying the given discipline are: Essential Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher Education, Pedagogics of Higher Education Establishments, Psychology of Higher Education, Methodology of Teaching at Higher Education Establishments, The Pedagogical Basis of Teaching at Higher Education Establishments, and Basic Means, Methods and Forms of Teaching at Higher Education Establishments.

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