Management of a Social Structure and an Economic System

Code – 230100   Information and computer science; section: Software of computer equipment and automation systems

Qualification (degree) – Master

Description of course modules (sections, subjects):

  1. Definition of a system, system components and classification of systems.
  2. Economic system and its types.
  3. Social structure and its types.
  4. System management.
  5. Educational system as a subject of management.

Syllabus of the course:

Definition of a system. Classification of systems.

Economic system. Types of economic systems and their classification.

Social structure. Types of social interactions between subsystems. Educational system.

Teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • laboratory work
  • students’ independent work performed according to the teacher’s task in classrooms and on an extracurricular basis, including use of technical training aids (compulsory),
  • tutorials.

Total hours – 108.

Total credits – 3.

Laboratory work – not applicable.

Form of interim assessment – pass/fail exam.

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