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Modern High-Performance Computer Equipment

Code – 230100   Information and computer science; section: Software of computer equipment and automation systems

Qualification (degree) – Master

Description of course modules (sections, subjects):

  1. Classification of high-performance computer equipment by applications.
  2. General requirements set for modern computers.
  3. Performance assessment of computing systems.
  4. Fundamentals of multithreaded programming by the example of Threads (Win API).
  5. Parallel programming using OpenMP technology.
  6. Multiprocessing systems.

Syllabus of the course:

Definition of high-performance computer equipment. Personal computers and workstations. X-terminals. Servers. Mainframes. Cluster architecture.

Price / performance ratio. Reliability and failure tolerance. Scalability. Software compatibility and mobility.

General comments. Comparison of compilers of modern high-level programming languages and their impact on PC performance. MIPS. MFLOPS. SPECint92, SPECfp92. SPECrate_int92, SPECrate_fp92. TPC-A, TPC-B, TPC-C. AIM.

Generation of, waiting for, and stop of threads. Critical sections. Semaphores. Conditional variables.

Basic model of multithreaded programming using OpenMP. Program structure. Serial, parallel and critical sections. Sharable and local thread variables. Barriers.

Classification of parallel data processing systems. Multiprocessing systems with shared and local memories. High-availability systems and fault-tolerant systems. Key definitions. High-availability external memory subsystems. Requirements set for high-availability systems.

Teaching methods:

  • lectures,
  • classroom group training directed by a teacher,
  • students’ independent work performed according to the teacher’s task in classrooms and on an extracurricular basis, including use of technical training aids (compulsory),
  • tutorials.

Total hours – 72.

Total credits – 2.

Laboratory work – not applicable.

Form of interim assessment – exam.

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