Standardizing and Metrology

Solving the problems of integration interaction in the international community is impossible without the expert participation in the field of metrology, standardization, confirmation and quality control in production systems. The conformity assessment procedures can make a major contribution to the achievement of specific objectives of the countries national policies, the abolition of trade barriers. They can balance the free circulation of commodities in the domestic market with the requirement to provide a "high level of health, safety and environment protection and advocate consumer interests".

NosovMagnitogorskStateTechnicalUniversityoffers a master's degree for students interested in standardization, metrology and certification.

Master's Degree Program covers a broad range of subjects which provide students with the foundation in the field of standardization, metrology and certification of quality control for the metalworking industries.


The program's special focus is on:

  • providing the students with skills and knowledge in the field of metrology software, metrological control and monitoring, aimed at traceability maintaining, of products ( services) quality and safety, high economic efficiency for producers and consumers based on modern methods of quality control subject to operational and safety requirements;
  • development of skills of quality management system component design, relating to the specific production conditions and products sales based on domestic and international regulations;
  • involving in research activity and the development of complex applied problems in the field of metrology, standardization, certification and quality management;
  • practical skills in the design, research and maintenance of conformity assessment systems of products , processes and services;
  • providing the students with skills for professional practice in research and teaching in the field of metrology, standardization, certification and quality management.


Program Structure:

The master's degree program consists of 4 semesters:

  • three core subjects with a specific focus on general academic subjects in the first and third semesters
  • five core subjects with a specific focus on professional subjects in the first and third semesters
  • More than ten subjects of variable part in the first, second and third semesters
  • research and teaching activities in the third and fourth semesters


Admission Requirements

Applicants to a Master's Degree in Materials Science program should hold a Bachelor's degree in a related subject with good results.

Master's entrance examination is carried out in written form.


Masters training

Course - Standardization and Metrology

Major: Testing and Certification


1stsemester 2nd semester
Philosophical Issues of Science and Engineering 2 Computer Technologies in Science, Manufacturing and Quality Management  4
Business Foreign Language 2 Computer Technologies in Statistical Control Methods 4
Teaching Science 3 Present Control Devices of Production Quality and Measuring Automation 4
Contemporary Issues of Standardization and Metrology 2 Methods and Tools of Quality Management 2
Technical Systems Reliability 3 Metrological Providing of Technological Systems and Steel Products Production 4
Information Support of Production Vital Cycle 3 Integrated Quality Management Systems 3
Quality Management 2 Current Methods of Quality Cost Estimation 3
New Technical Solutions in Metalware Production 3 Quality Economics 3
Methods and Tools of Quality Management 3 Research 12
Production, Processes and Services Certification 2    
Qualimetrical Analysis of Production and Processing 3    
Designing Methods of Qualimetrical Models of Production Quality and Efficiency  Assessment 3    
3rd semester 4thsemester
Organizational and Economic Design of Innovative Processes 3 Research 18
Legal Basis of Intellectual Property Objects Preservation 3    
Modern Analysis Methods of Structure and Metals and Alloys Properties 2    
Fundamentals of the Experiment Theory  2    
Fundamentals of Scientific Researches, Organization and Experiment Planning 4    
Quality Audit 3    
Modern Methods of Metal Working 3    
Education Experience 12