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Preschool education management

Program objective and conception
The objective of the program is to prepare highly qualified specialists for pedagogical, research and management activities in the field of education, and for successful solving of professional problems in compliance with a Master’s degree programme in Preschool education management:

- In the field of pedagogical activity:

To study abilities and needs of preschoolers depending on the educational programme to acquire.
To manage an education process with the use of technologies reflecting specific educational areas and relevant to age and physical and psychological peculiarities of preschoolers including their special educational needs. 
To manage communication and cooperation with colleagues, parents, social partners, and foreign partners as well.
To promote professional self-development and personal development.

- In the field of scientific research:

To analyse, classify, and summarise scientific research results in the field of science and education by applying a combination of research methods to solving specific research problems. 
To carry out and analyse results of research in the field of science and education with contemporary scientific methods and technologies.

- In the field of management:

To study a state and potential of a managed system and its macro- and microenvironment by utilizing a combination of methods of a strategic and operational analysis.
To study, manage, and assess implementation of management process results with management technologies relevant to general and specific patterns of the managed system development.
To use available potentials of the managed system environment and to design the ways of its enrichment and development to provide for the management quality.

Admission Requirements
Any applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree with good grades. An inter-course written examination will be an entrance examination.

Study conditions
- Full-time education: the course lasts 2 years
Part-time education: the course lasts 2 years and 5 months.

Educational components
Major – Teacher Training
Master’s degree programme – Preschool education management


1st academic year

Semester 1Semester 2
CoursesCredit pointsCoursesCredit points
Contemporary issues in science and education 4 Theory and practice of implementation of continuity in education 2
Scientific research methodology and methods 3 Workshop on document management in a pre-school educational institution  
Business foreign language 2,5 Business foreign language 2
Management 2 History of management 2
Education process management in higher school 2 Preparation of the educational institution development programme 2
Pedagogical anthropology 2 Theoretical and applied aspects of ethno cultural education 2
Management psychology 2 Management psychology 4
Workshop on professional management problem solving 1 Workshop on professional management problem solving 1
Pedagogical axiology 2    
Comparative pedagogy 2    
Personal development training 2    
Educational ICT 3    
Educational regulatory framework 2    


An academic programme includes a practical training and scientific research work.


2nd academic year

Semester 3Semester 4
CourseCredit pointsCourseCredit points
Contemporary issues in science and education 2 Preschool education management 2
Management research methodology 2 Education quality management 2
Contemporary assessment technologies of professional educational activities 2 Marketing in education 2
Educational programme development 2 Financial and operating activities management in a preschool educational institution 2
Individual learning route design 2    


An academic programme includes a work placement, pre-graduation practical training and scientific research work. A work placement aims to build up professional skills in pedagogical, research and management activities.

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