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In the Age of Economy Digitalization

On the 4th of September, organizers of a top level master’s program on field of study 38.04.01 Economics (Accounting Systems and Business Analytics) traditionally met with first-year students.

This program is designed for specialists in economy (economists, accountants, medium- and top-level managers, etc.) and everybody who wants to gain additional knowledge of economics.

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Machine vision “is watching” the environmental conditions

Specialists of R&D MGTU implement several projects aimed at improving the environment. The projects are based on machine vision and neural network technologies applied at industrial plants to decrease harmful air emissions.

R&D MGTU developed a gas leakage automatic recognition system and technology for coke-oven doors and gas exhaust ducts of top structures. The machine vision technology detects coke-oven gas leakages. The system is tested at the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. As part of the project, over 30 video cameras were installed to monitor and register online 24/7 gas leakages at coke-oven batteries No. 7 and 8, and gas leakages of gas exhaust ducts of top structures at coke-oven batteries No. 7, 8, 13 and 14. If there are any deviations from setpoints, software and hardware register such events in an interactive log and send relevant people an email message with an attached photo indicating time, the battery and oven number.

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Leading geotechnology scientists discussed global challenges of mining science

From the 24th till the 28th of May Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University hosted the 11th International Conference Combined Geotechnology. Leading scientists in geotechnology discussed currently relevant issues of development of combined geotechnology. This year the conference is devoted to risks and global challenges related to exploitation and conservation of mineral resources.

A current state of exploitation of mineral resources is characterized by facing global challenges greatly influencing development of a mining complex: from the pandemic and an unstable global market till natural industry-related catastrophes. Therefore, there is a need for minimizing risks of global challenges for efficient development of combined geotechnologies.

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NMSTU Develops International Relations with Brazil

NMSTU hosted the delegation from the Embassy of Brazil in Moscow to discuss collaboration on education and science.

The delegation members included Alvaro Augusto Guedes Galvani, the First Secretary, Head of the Department of Public Diplomacy, Culture and Education, and Gabriele Costa Guadagnin, Attaché of the same department of the Embassy.

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The Silver of the Student Games

Men’s and women’s basketball teams of NMSTU won silver medals of the regional student games.

By participating in the regional student games men’s and women’s basketball teams of NMSTU finished the eventful 2020/21 season. Equally intense matches of the student games were played in Chelyabinsk from the 14th till the 16th of May. Competitors of the Magnitogorsk students were student teams of the Chelyabinsk Region, also playing in the Tankograd division. So, our basketball players knew strengths of competitors well, but sport always involves unpredictable turns. That is a reason why we love sport, don’t we?

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NMSTU hosted the presentation of the Fulbright programs

On the 13th of May NMSTU received a visit from Joel Ericson, Director of the Fulbright Program in Russia. The purpose of his visit was to present the largest scholarship program funded by the Government of the USA.

Joel Ericson, PhD in Political Science, one of leading world experts in education and innovation, Head of the Fulbright Program in Russia, Director of the Institute of International Education (IIE), visited Magnitogorsk at the invitation of Personal Corporate Training Center. As part of his visit, he held a meeting with postgraduate students, teachers and staff of NMSTU to present the well-known Fulbright program for Russian citizens.

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Material scientists from all over the world have met at the high-level online conference Magnitogorsk Materials Week

The 5th Magnitogorsk Materials Week was held in memory of professor Alexander Zhilyaev. From the 5th of April till the 7th of April, well-known material scientists will pay tribute to the outstanding scholar and present their reports at the conference.

Alexander Zhilyaev, a leading scientist in engineering of nanostructured materials, Head of the Laboratory “Mechanics of Gradient Nanomaterials”, Chief Researcher of the Institute for Metals Superplasticity Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, passed away in 2020 due to a long-term illness. Being an eminent scholar and a wise teacher, he made a fundamental contribution to the development of Russian and global science by devoting his life to studying the structure and properties of materials.

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Dear colleagues!

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 5th Magnitogorsk Materials Week dedicated to the memory of Professor Alexander Zhilyaev.

The online conference will be held from the 5th of April till the 7th of April, 2021 on ZOOM platform and will bring together well-known scientists from the USA, Israel, India, Italy, Spain, Korea, China, Kazakhstan and Russia.

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