Design-engineering of Machine Building Industries

The aim of the program

The aim of the program is to train highly qualified specialists for the mechanical engineering industries, where the generation and implementation of innovations, the latest scientific advances and technological solutions are required. Graduates of the program are provided with deep professional knowledge and skills to evaluate the technical state of a wide range of engineering equipment, including machine tools and systems.

As a graduate of Master's Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering and Technology, you will be prepared to demonstrate the ability to:

  • carry out patent research, ensuring the purity and patentability of new design solutions;
  • identify indicators of the engineering level of designing processes, mechanical engineering industries and products for various service purposes;
  • develop generalized design problem solutions, analyze the variants and select the best solution, predict its introduction results, plan the projects implementation;
  • participate in the project development of mechanical engineering products and industries taking into account engineering, designing, operation, aesthetic, economic and management options;
  • develop adumbrative, engineering and production projects of mechanical engineering industries, facilities and equipment systems;
  • develop functional, logical, engineering and economic management of the mechanical engineering industries, their components, engineering, algorithmic and software based on modern methods, tools and design technologies;
  • evaluate the innovation potential of the performing project.


Program Structure

The master's degree program consists of 4 semesters:

  • four core subjects in the first semester;
  • three modules in 2 and 3semesters;
  • research activity in the last semester.


Study conditions

The course lasts two years. Full-time education.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to a Master's Degree in Materials Science program should hold a Bachelor's degree in a related subject with good results.

Master's entrance examination is carried out in written form.


Masters training

Course - Design-Engineering Support of Machine-Building Manufacture

Major: Technology of Dimensional Shape-Generating Preparation


1st YEAR
1st semester 2nd semester
Business Foreign Language 2 Economic Justification of Scientific Solutions 2
Philosophical Issues of Science and Engineering 2 Computer Technologies in Science and Manufacturing 4
History and Strategy of Science and  Manufacturing 2 Scientific Aspects of Dimensional Shape-Generating Treatment 5
Mathematic Simulation in Machine Building 2 Contemporary Issues of Tooling Backup in Machine-Building  Production 3
Contemporary Scientific Issues in Machine-Building Process Area 3 Calculated- Applied Mechanics of Surface Plastic Deformation 3
Contemporary Design Methods of Machining  Processes 4 Calculated- Applied Mechanics of Cutting Operation 5
Measuring Devices and Processing Techniques of Machining Processes Investigation Results 4 Engineering Quality Maintenance 4
Measuring Devices and Processing Techniques of Assembly Processes Investigation Results    4 Service and Technical Regulations of Machine-Building Manufacturing Systems 3
Environmental Safety of  Machine-building Manufacturing 3 Research 1
Information Technologies in Design-Engineering Solutions 3    
Innovative Technologies in Machine Building  3    

Scientific   Fundamentals  of Metal Cutting


Scientific  Fundamentals  of Highly Concentrated Energy Fluxes Processing 

Research   1    
  2nd YEAR
3rd  semester 4th semester
Creation, Use and Protection of Intellectual Property 3 SAD System in Machine Building 6
Knowledge-Intensive Design-Engineering Solutions 3 Innovative Processes in Investigations 6
Quality Management System of Machine-Building Manufacturing 3 Contemporary Engineering Techniques and Control Methods in Machine-Building Manufacturing 3
Strategy of Investigations in Machine Building 5 Practical Work Experience 3
Nanotechnologies in Machine Building 2 Education Experience 3
Reliability and Diagnostic Operation of Manufacturing Systems 3 Research   1
Intensification of Cutting Operation by Technologies 4    
Intensification of Cutting Operation by Modification of Tool Working Face 4    
Tribotechnics of Engineering Dragging 3    
Process Tool Depreciation Theory  3    
Progressive Tool Materials 3    
Modern High-Technology Equipment for Materials Cutting Operation  3    
Research  1