Automated Control

Production processes intensification, productivity increase, expenses decrease in industrial production is impossible without modern automated systems. The development of high-performance automation systems and automated process control system (APCS) in various industries is the important factor in the creation of new efficient production.

This master's degree program in Control in Engineering Systems endows the graduate with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the development and implementation of automated control systems of production and engineering systems.

As a graduate of Master's Degree Program in Control in Engineering Systems, you will be prepared to demonstrate the ability in:


design activity:

  • tools and automation and control systems design with the use of current computer-aided design software packages

design and engineering activities:

  • development of engineering documentation to designed hardware and software automation and control tools using production automated systems;

research activities:

  • the development of mathematical models of automation and control systems processes and facilities;
  • development of engineering, information and algorithm software of designed automation and control systems;
  • development of methods and hardware and software for modeling, identification and diagnostics of dynamic objects of different physical nature;

organization and management activities:

  • information space planning, design and analytical support services of output life cycle.


The curriculum is designed to last four semesters and includes the following disciplines:

1st semester:

  • History and methodology of science and technology in the field of management
  • Mathematical modeling of objects and management systems
  • Contemporary issues of the of control theory
  • Hardware and software of microprocessor controllers

2nd semester:

  • Automated systems of research
  • Computer-aided design of tools and management systems
  • Modular systems of technical facilities
  • Automation systems hardware and software

3rd semester:

  • Computer technologies in Engineering Systems control

4th semester:

  • Research activity
  • Industrial Practice

Teaching activity


Masters training

Course -  Control in Engineering Systems

Major: Processing Automation Systems and Facilities


1st YEAR
1st semester 2nd semester
Mathematical Modelling of Control Objects and Systems 4 Computer-assisted Research in the Control and Automation Part 1 6
History and Methodology of Control Science and Engineering 4 Computer-assisted Research in the Control and Automation Part 2 5
Current Problems of Control Theory 6 Computer-Aided Design of Control Tools and Systems 4
Microprocessor-Based Controller Hardware and Software Tools 8 Modular Hardware Kits 12
Microprocessor-Based Controller Hardware and Software Tools 7 Automation System Hardware and Software 12
    Research 4
  2nd YEAR
3rd  semester 4th semester
Computer Control Technologies in Engineering Systems 4 Practical Work Experience 18
Research 23 Research 12