HR Management

Code – 380403.68

HR Management

Major: Innovative technologies of HR management

Qualification (degree) – Master 1st year

1st semester 2nd semester
State social policy and management of an organization’s social development 3 Organizational and organization design theory 3
Organization of research and teaching activities in the field of HR management 3 Current problems of labor and social legislation on protection of employees’ social and labor rights 2
Business English 2 Business English 2
HR management 2 Current problems of HR management and innovative technologies of grounding and making personnel decisions 2
Function cost analysis of HR management system and technology 2 Systems of motivation and incentives for labor activity and staff development management technologies 2
Current trends in economic development 2 Strategic HR management 3
Current problems of personnel labor management 3 Migration policy 2
Labor economics 3 Salary and wages policy 3
Research 6 Leadership and team building 2
    Research 6
    Management activity records 2
    Management accounting 2
    Current trends in development of methods for personnel certification and performance assessment 3
    Work placement  

2nd year

3rd semester 4th semester
Civil procedural law 3    
Theory and practice of state and corporate HR policy, corporate culture management 4 Research practice 3
HR consulting and audit 2    
International management of social and labor relations 3    
Teaching practice 9    
Research 6