Technology of Transport Facilities

"NosovMagnitogorskStateTechnicalUniversity" offers a master's degree for students interested in transportation studies and research.

Master's Degree Programme covers a broad range of subjects which provide students with the foundation in technology of transportation processes:

  • technology, organization, planning and management of the technical and commercial operation of vehicles as part of the country transportation system;
  • organization of rational interaction of vehicles, comprising a single transportation system, based on the principles of logistics management;
  • organization of the cooperation system to ensure the safety and traffic management for the operation of the transport complex.

The program aims to prepare, in accordance with the core areas of graduate degrees, for the following types of professional activity:

  • calculation and designed;
  • production and engineering;
  • experimental and research;
  • organization and management.


Education Program Structure:

The course lasts two years (4 terms):

  • six core subjects in the first semester;
  • three core subjects in the second semester;
  • four core subjects in the third semester;
  • work experience in the second and third semesters;
  • research activity in the fourth semester.

The six modules in the first semester are considered mandatory, and three of them are elective. There is work experience in the second semester and teaching experience in the third semester. The research activity includes scientific research, scientific production and special seminar.


Admission Requirements

Applicants to a Master's Degree in Technology of Transportation Processes program should hold a Bachelor's degree in a related subject.

Master's entrance examination is carried out in written form.


Masters training

Course - Transport Processes Technology

Major: Transport Organization and Integrated Transportation System Management


1st YEAR
1st semester 2nd semester
Contemporary Issues of Transport Science, Engineering and Technology 2 Computer Technologies in Science, Business and Education 3
History and Methodology of Transport Science 2 Specialized Rolling Stock and its Certification 4
Intellectual Property 2 Special Issues of General Logistics 8
Methodology of Scientific Creativity 3 Practical Work Experience 15
Theory of Traffic Flow 3    
Problems of Modern Management in Transport 3    
Transportation Systems and the Principles of their Functioning 5    
Transport Modes Interaction in Transport Systems 5    
Systems Theory 5    
Information Theory and Information Technology 5    
Financial Management and Promotional Activities 5    
Macroeconomics and Foreign Economic Activities 5    
  2nd YEAR
3rd  semester 4th semester
Fundamentals of Scientific Research 3 Research 27
Analytical and Numerical Methods in the Experiments Design and Engineering Analysis 3    
Scientific Problems of Transport Economics 3    
Special Issues of Rail and Road Transport, Cargo Handling Organization 6    
Education Experience 15